June 30, 2014


Our Soul is pure energy, it is a unique individualized expression of source, and it stays the same through all our incarnations here and in other worlds/realities, other dimensions. It wants to experience so that it expands and becomes more self conscious in this ever expanding Now moment. As we embody more and more of our Soul- our Divine Self, and balances all our bodies- we understand the importance of discernment when it comes to who we let into our energy fields, Sacred Space, and life. So even though we expand into Unity-consciousness- we feel the oneness with all, we feel and see their beauty and Light as a source expression prefect in their unique way- we at the same time will feel the need and importance of being very true to our inner feelings in regards to whom we encounter/interact with on a deeper/more personal/private level in our life, wether it is close friends or intimate romantic relationship. We no longer have the "space" in our life for beings whose vibrational frequency is not a match on a deep Soul level to our own. So as in all areas- embrace it all within neutrality, and release with Love everything that is not in Harmony with ourselves. Remember that I AM talking about deep personal/private connections here, of course we are to have complete compassion, integrity, kindness, and truthfulness towards All. We just need to truly and clearly understand that we simply will get "pickier"/discerning in our close relationships. It is a natural occurring, because as we give birth more and more of our True Self, and as we feel complete Love for ourself in all its Beingness and existences in Creation- we will naturally Feel what we need and what brings us beautiful expansion and Bliss on a Soul level. We no longer act from little Self/egoic tendencies/lower mind, and have therefor released any destructive patterns and self satisfaction games. We instead feel deep Love for All of Creation, we honor it All, and we therefor only wish to bring more Love and Light into worlds. We serve All, instead of just ourselves in this little part of our Beingness that we are here on Gaia. This does not mean that all who do not live like this/are not conscious about it, are not doing the "right" thing. There are no judgement whatsoever. We are all exactly where we need to be to get the expansion that is needed to become more self-conscious on this journey of ever Becoming. I AM saying this simply because it might bring You more clarity as in the feeling of being more discerning and "picky" in this time of intense expansion and more embodiment of our Divine Self and multidimensional Self. 

Enjoy becoming the True You. Do not settle, regards to whom You let into your Sacred Space. See your "pickyness" as a beautiful indication that You are becoming more of your Soul Self and are therefor becoming so pure, balanced, and centered in pure Love, that You Feel what is for your higher good. This also means that whatever You do in this state also brings/serves the higher good of All. As we connect our Higher Heart with our Higher Mind, we get more "limited" from an old perspective, but in the New- we are Freer than ever before, we are our True Self and can live in Truth, purity, harmony, and in accordance to the principles of Nature. We enjoy BEing and Creating for the sake of BEing and Creating. We Create for the enjoyment of it, within playfulness, innocence, and gentleness. This brings Magic, bliss, and absolute euphoric wonder to our hearts. What a beautiful thing.

I Love You <3

June 27, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 As always, a new moon brings us energies of new beginnings for the upcoming lunar cycle. So it is a perfect time for setting intentions. By us being deeply connected to our inner/true heart and following our inner guidance/feelings/intuition- we are always Creating what is for the highest good for us and everyone concerned, that which brings beautiful expansion and joy. As we start to truly live in the New- we no longer go by time in this linear way, we live deeply in the Now- we Create at all times in the present expanding moment, and the belief that "time" brings us to where we desire to go is no longer in our focus. I live more and more like this in every moment, so I AM not "using" astrology in this way anymore.

This is how it is in the New Now- we enjoy Being and Creating for the sake of Being and Creating. We have come to understand that this is what it is all about, we will know that "not knowing" and surrender is key to expansion and contentment, we can just live as One with the laws and principles of Nature, and use the Cosmic Laws to Create/expand for the benefit of All That Is. We live connected deeply to Mother Earths rhythm/heart and the Cosmic rhythm/heart, the constant flow. We know that everything is merged as One in the Now- and we start being the Creator Being that we are in truth- who Creates at all times, and can tap into whatever is for our greatest good and what helps us bring about our next step. Doesn't this make sense? We have aligned ourselves with the Cosmic whole, we are completely Empowered from Within, we are deeply present and have become our true self; we are pure, centered, Balanced- and therefor know/feel our value, freedom, and power to Create in the Now. We Trust, we feel, we are completely confident in our own BEingness - we no longer need to release, cleanse, and let go of old experiences/beliefs/stagnations- we can start to use astrology in a New way. It will serve us in the Now. This is how I see/feel it now, and this is how I live more and more now. It is beyond beautiful in the sense that every moment is about aligning with the road of least resistance. I know my own value and I recognize fully the value, beauty, Light in others. When we truly live in Unity-consciousness- we see ourselves in All, we "see" their Light, and we also feel their individualized Spark, we know that absolutely All of Creation is of equal value and are just as important/"needed" as the other in Oneness.

In the New- when we live our highest Divine purpose- we are to Create in every moment from our Bliss, and "let go" with Love everything that is not fitting into our reality, we align with what we wish to see/enjoy/experience. We bring spirit into matter as One. This is how we as Masters, Create with Nature, how we live a higher dimensional life on planet Gaia, we flow with our true feelings and follow our passions. We let Love flow through us, and we bring Love into all that we do, every action, every encounter, food, beverage, thought, word, and feeling. The New is absolutely amazing, expect the unexpected and unbelievable, the New "normal" is wonder, bliss, and magic. 

Those who have ears will hear and those who have eyes will see.

Be the New in the Now ;)
Wishing you all so much Love, wishing you a wonderful Friday and weekend filled with magic, laughter, and blessings. Let the inner child and also the Unicorn energy merge with You completely, be and create through playfulness, gentleness, innocence, purity, integrity, compassion and kindness. Thank You for being the true and absolutely amazing You. Enjoy this time of intense body integration of the New, take time to rest, relax, and feel it all, in a surrendered mode <3 

I Love You <3

June 22, 2014


See more on my art blog: linalouiseart.blogspot.com


This is a super yummy raw, vegan cake. I absolutely LOVE this one <3 I AM sure that You will too;)

2 dl/0.8 cup almonds
2.5 dl/1 cup dried dates
water if needed

2.5 dl/1 cup strawberries
3 bananas
1-2 tbsp raw honey or agave nectar
Juice of 1 lime (3-4 tbsp)

Base: Mix the almonds in a food processor till a somewhat smooth flour. 
Mix together with dates till they form a sticky mix. Add water if needed. Press the mix into a cake tin.

Filling: Mix all ingredients in a blender till you get a creamy consistency. Scoop the filling on top of the base, sprinkle dried shredded coconut on top, cover and put in the freezer for about 2 hours.

Take the cake out of the fridge and leave at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving. Add berries on top.

Enjoy <3

June 21, 2014


Beloved Ones, I hope that You are having a lovely day <3

Heart completely open, and embracing this beautiful new Light with all that I AM. Absolutely magnificent activations and codes activated now <3 The solstice energies brings us a wonderful opportunity for expansion, for enlightenment/illumination on our journey of ever becoming. The Light that is emerging from Within us is bringing us further into the New physical reality that we are Creating and materializing through Divine Remembrance (we make a conscious choice to embrace our inner Remembrance and the essence of who we truly are). Beautiful, magical, blissful, and harmonious realities are coming forth for us in the Now. Expect anything, there are no limits, they were of the lower dimension human mind, and let go of perceptions and beliefs. We are only bound to that which we perceive to be true. 
Know that if there's still any old programming within you, it may be triggered by this Light, it brings attention to all that is not in harmony, so that it can be released with Love/transmuted/transcended.

Enjoy <3 Surrender, flow flow flow.. Connect the higher heart with higher mind, embrace your whole being and your feelings/inner guidance. "The kingdom of Heaven is within You, and whosever shall know himself shall find it."

Breathe in this amazingness with an open heart, dear Ones <3 Let the inner child play in all its innocence and joy <3 Create as the Master that You are.

I Love You <3

June 20, 2014


Happy Friday, dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a lovely day <3

We have the solstice tomorrow, woah!, these energies of Love that is coming in is beyond beautiful <3
We are Expanding intensely at this time through these waves of Light. I AM feeling/experiencing wonderful expansion and integration.
The Light that we are bringing in is rippling out around the whole planet, this Light knows exactly where to go, where it is most needed. <3 Blessings and thank You, bright shining Creator beings.

Embrace, be and enjoy the New within deep presence <3 The new "normal" is absolutely magical, beautiful and blissful. Expect the unexpected and stay open. Surrender and focus on simplicity;) Listen to the inner guidance, stay grounded, centered, pure and calm.

Wishing You a wonderful weekend filled with Magic, wonder, miracles and blessings.
May You feel bliss, harmony, and joy.

I Love You <3


This is a super simple and delicious hummus recipe. I use it for salads, or for dipping carrots or other vegetables such as cucumber, broccoli etc.

2.5 dl/1 cup chickpeas
1-2 cloves of garlic (minced)
a few tablespoons of olive oil
a couple of pinches pink Himalayan salt

Mix all ingredients till smooth in a blender. Add water till you get the consistency that you prefer.


June 18, 2014


Happy blissful day, Beloved Family of Light and Love <3 These incoming solstice energies of Love is filling up our heart and higher heart, it is filling up our physical body and all our bodies. We are progressing beautifully with our hearts wide open. We are expanding intensely at this time through these waves of Light, our crystalline structure is growing in a rapid pace, and we are experiencing deeper and deeper awareness. We are connecting deeper to our inner individualized source Spark, which makes us move into Unity consciousness more and more. I AM feeling deeper Love than ever, and this blissful state is increasing for us All in every new moment. 

A little message from me today about Love <3 
Let Divine Love-Light flow into your heart, let it fill up your whole being, and let this Love flow out and into all that you do, see, encounter, and create. Divine Love is the highest vibration, and we can BE it in action. Follow your creative passions and bliss, follow the path of least resistance, Create from your beautiful heart <3 Stay focused on the Light, hold it as high as possible, and stay Centered in pure true Love. 
Our Light is rippling out around the whole planet, this intelligent Light knows exactly where to go, where it is most needed. Worlds and realities are Created and formed through us following and BEing our bliss. I AM honoring You All, beautiful bright hearts <3 Blessings to You.

Remember, all and everything in prefect Divine timing, and in accordance to Divine will. 
Wishing you a lovely day <3 Stay deeply present and empowered in your inner guidance, stay grounded, focused, centered, balanced, calm, and pure. Send Love to- and Embrace it all with your wings of Light. Let the inner Divine child play!
Flow flow flow ;)

I Love You <3

June 13, 2014


Absolutely delicious rhubarb and raspberry smoothie that I made the other day <3

2.5 dl/1/2 cup rhubarbs
2.5 dl/1/2 cup raspberries
1-2 bananas
2.5 dl/1 cup orange juice
2 pinches of cinnamon
a dash of vanilla

Mix together in a blender till smooth. Enjoy <3


Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius, Beloved Sparks <3 Today on Friday the 13th we're having this bold and fierce Full Moon in Sagittarius- a fire sign of action. I AM feeling this action energy strongly, it is a feeling of wanting to get things done/start new projects/finish up what one have started.

"Spiritual"/consciousness expansion is what this Full Moon is bringing to us, and lovely courage, which blends with a strong sense of compassion. It is a "breaking free of lower mind/egoic/conditioning tendencies" opportunity. In Divine Love- there are no conditions, expectations, judgement, or analyzing, whatsoever. In Divine Love and Grace there's honoring of- and gratefulness for All, everything, and the Self. We see the Love, Light, beauty, and Magic in all of Creation. All are of equal value, and All are Loved. Complete compassion, kindness, truthfulness, integrity, and acceptance. 

We may get illumination to our own visions. We feel that anything is possible right now, there's a beautiful optimistic feeling in the air, and there may be some breakthroughs for us. This period is tense in the sense of that the old and the new is confronting each other. We feel a sense of meaning, and that this privilege to live a physical life here on planet Gaia is an amazing Adventure;) that expands to new states/levels of being, in every new Now moment. 

I AM just going to say this - Dear Family of Light, it is Time to within pure Love embrace with every part and aspect of ourselves- our dreams/desires in this new reality that we are in now. It is Time to see, feel, taste, BE this reality that we have been/are Creating within/without. Be the way-showers of a higher dimensional way of living, within purity, integrity, and happiness. This will bring forth the Heaven/paradise that we are Creating in the physical on planet Gaia. We are here at this time because we wish to experience heaven in a physical reality. Together as One within Divine Love we are co-creating this reality of beauty, wonder, harmony, unity, plenty, and Magic for All who wishes so. Anchor this into the planet. BE pure true Love- the highest vibration. Live the new within deep presence. Enjoy every moment, dear hearts.

True pure Love Creates complete Trust and Freedom within us. 

Enjoy this Full Moon, bathe in its beautiful light of joy, optimism, beauty, and Magic. Shine your brightest Light;) Honor and live your Truth. Focus on that which gives you a sense of Soul Bliss :)

Together we are, in One Divine Love. 

I Love You <3