June 27, 2015


Hi, beloved ones <3 Happy weekend to you! I hope you are having a harmonious present moment and have had a lovely week. We got a real boost in our expansion/timeline shift, and embodiment of our Mastery self/true self. A big shift took place. Many feel guided and inspired to make lovely changes and truly make space for new, which allows us to live our essence even more. The beautiful unification and merge within got deepened and this is absolutely stunning! 

I AM celebrating and enjoying yin and yang balance consciousness and the Magic it brings us. I AM honoring us all. I AM honoring our BEingness, our creations and our beauty. 

Sine bright within your own essence and allow it to spread its Magic through your passions. Love.
Within divine Love, divine harmony, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 26, 2015

Glimpses Of My Essence Through My Home

Beloved ones <3 Many of us have gone through huge shifts lately, and last weekends solstice gateway brought us support in this even more. I AM aware that it is so for me in all ways. One of the things that also show this is our desire to change and simplify our creations and doings. Bring in even more of our true essence, current embodiment, and Love into it. 

Here are some glimpses of my home, to me, it is a reflection of my essence. I simply enJoy to decorate and make my surroundings reflect my current state. It is a way to let my creativity flow and to have fun. <3

Many of the pieces I have are thrift store finds, gifts, or pieces that has been with me for many years. It shows that we do not need to spend lots of money to be able to make a nice home that we Love. All we are to do is to stay focused on our intentions, feel our Magic, be aware, and truly be open to see, feel, notice and receive what is available for us, take action and create. <3

I have framed the two paintings I made for myself, and have them standing on my dresser. The lavender branches are from the garden, they give off a divine soothing scent. Lavender is beautiful to use if you wish to protect and let your crystals stay clear and pure. Put some lavender together with crystals if you are sending them somewhere or are out traveling.

A bowl on my desk with my yin and yang stones in <3 Reminding us of the universal perfection and balance in all ways in every moment. Whatever we perceive and feel as unbalanced is merely a chance for us to bring in the awareness of balance into it, and notice that unbalance is merely a belief. Love both the balance and the belief of unbalance. Honor our freedom to give things meaning. <3

A few lilac branches in bloom. I AM thanking them for the beauty and wonderful scent they wish to serve with in this moment <3

I AM so happy with my new Bubble of Love charm that I created for myself. This charm holds the Light of pure God-Goddess Love. I have my rose quartz hearts in the middle, and my two raw opals hanging at the bottom. Opal is the prime stone of Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. I made this charm white, this color contains all colors and it represents unity. <3

A bowl of beach treasures that a dear friend gifted me with. They are so beautiful. The look and feel to them brings me straight to the ocean with all its Magic. <3

On my corner shelf I creep my bigger raw quartz. These babies are charged up with beautiful powerful solstice energy because I put them out in the garden as we had the gateway. <3

I hope you enjoyed my little glimpses, and I hope you are enjoying your own unique essence and creations. Shine bright and make your Magic. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

My New Paintings

Hi, beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a lovely present moment. A few weeks ago I created two new paintings for myself, I wished to make new ones that reflect my current state and embodiment. 

The first one is called Beloveds.
It shows the beloveds balance, wholeness, and unity as they create together in divine oneness. This makes for pure source Light to flow through them. They are God-Goddess, living Mastery within divine Love, through this they create new realities, worlds, and universes. <3

The second one I created is called Principle of Creation. It is a vesica piscis symbol, which represents two within one. The nature of polarity is the principle of creation, and this symbol is representing the divine principle of two within one. When the two circles unifies like this, the middle part is creating the sacred yoni symbol, which is the Great Mother Goddess symbol. This painting holds the Light of the perfected state of God-Goddess Love, within eternal oneness. <3

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in abundance, Lina Louise <3

June 25, 2015

Honoring A Balanced Heart

Honoring a balanced heart <3

I enjoyed creating this yin and yang heard grid which brings in the energy of beautiful balance in heart. It is to celebrate and honor our hearts, no matter if we feel balanced or not. 

This is to remind us of our eternal balance, the dance and constant weaving and merging of divine feminine and divine masculine, of yin and yang, of God and Goddess, of Love and Light. These polarities work together always, and through this, everything is/exist/manifest. All of creation exists because of this never ending dance of plus and minus.

We are always balanced, it is merely about if we see it or not, if we remember it deep within our hearts, or if we continue to notice and feed the belief of being able to BE unbalanced. It is our creation and there is no good or bad, everything serves a divine purpose. So honor whatever you feel, dear hearts, honor balance, honor the belief of unbalance. Love it, and thank it for the expansion it gives you in this moment.

I AM honoring our hearts. I AM honoring our polarities. I AM honoring our freedom to give things meaning. I AM honoring the creation principle of two within one. 

Wishing you so many Blessings, and wishing you a wonderful present moment. Enjoy your Magic, your passions, your joys. 
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine harmony, divine balance, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 22, 2015

Glimpses of my Solstice Magic

Hi, beloved ones <3 We had the beautiful Solstice gateway opening yesterday and here are some glimpses from my enjoyment of it. Blissful beautiful harmonious precious Magic. I hope you are having a lovely start of this new week. Enjoy the merge and unification taking place within. <3

Stunning Light <3

My little pure hearted angel <3 Truly such a blessing to have this one in my life <3

I brought out my crystals and raw quarts to let these precious ones enjoy, charge and soak the solstice Light <3

Rainbow Light! Unity <3

My amethyst cluster charging <3 Shining so bright and powerful as it enjoys <3

Sunset on the solstice evening <3

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in abundance.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 21, 2015


Happy Solstice, beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the blissful Magic of these solstice energies.
This gateway brings/we create from within energies who support our merge and unification within us in a profound way. I feel it deeply and it is absolutely stunning! We are receiving and have/are embodying so much new Light now and it is felt a lot. I feel it in my body, and in all ways. Beautiful energy to take perfect action within bliss.

As the Solstice is here we have opportunities and beautiful support in our creation/manifestation process, to bring forth/manifest that which we hold as our true heart desires. This we do through clear, strong and focused intention followed by guided action in any way we can at the moment as long as it supports the intention. We ourselves are the only ones who can make it happen and create as the Masters that we are. Know, feel, Live, BE Self as Source. Create, give things meaning always, trust and Believe in pure Magic with all of the heart and whole BEing.

Enjoy and savor this pivotal point, sweet ones. Stay open and surrender in full trust and faith. 

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in absolute abundance.
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine grace, and Mastery. I AM, we are. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 19, 2015

Solstice Gateway

Happy Solstice weekend, beloved hearts <3 Wishing you a beautiful Friday and weekend, may you enjoy these wonderful solstice gateway energies. It is already very intense and a deep merge is felt as the unification process within seem to speed up now. This feels very new and it is truly beautiful. It brings me pure bliss and gratitude to experience.

Enjoy whatever You feel, honor it, support it, and support your physical body. We may feel the need for extra care, relaxation, pure BEingness, and rest as we move through this beautiful opening.

So much Love and wishing you Blessings in absolute abundance. 

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 17, 2015

Shifting and Expanding

Beloved hearts <3 I hope you had a most wonderful new moon experience. I enjoyed it and had a sacred moment for meditation and reflection. I AM having a cold, which is my way of shifting huge to integrate new. We are preparing for this upcoming weekends solstice and our bodies need extra care and relaxation. This new moon was very powerful and the solstice will be stunning! 

May we honor our expansion and give ourselves some extra moments of rest, nurture, and pampering, savor every moment and honor our self. We went for a calm peaceful walk earlier today to harmoniously move some energy. There are flowers in bloom everywhere here and all the green beauty is so gorgeous and energizing. May you enjoy these glimpses of it and may it bring you some extra freshness and harmony in feel.

We are merging timelines/moving deeper into the new unknown so beautifully and there are so much magic, miracles, beauty, wonders and amazingness to embrace for us Here Now. Stay open in heart and mind, honor every moment and embrace. 

My babies <3

Stunning beauties <3

Bright ones <3

Flowers in bloom <3

Green beauty <3

Within divine Love, divine peace, divine harmony, and Mastery. I AM, we are.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 16, 2015

New Moon in Gemini/Twins

Happy New Moon in Gemini/twins <3 <3
Today I AM choosing to celebrate my own beloved connection. I AM celebrating all true beloveds. They are connected in divine perfection trough their full wholeness and unified polarities within them. They have a deep fully pure twin Soul consciousness which they live and embody selflessly and effortlessly in pure joy. They are God-Goddess manifested in HUman form and their only desire is to serve all of creation through this. Which they do in every expanded now moment naturally within perfected pure Love. 

I AM honoring beloveds in heart and whole BEing and also in form. I AM honoring our own inner wholeness and our inner sacred marriage. May you have a wonderful magical new moon experience.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine wholeness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3 <3

June 15, 2015

Light and Expansion

Happy Monday, beloved ones <3
I hope you had a lovely weekend. 
We have received/created from within us so much new Light this weekend. From this comes stunning expansion and opportunities for shifts. 

We are also preparing for the solstice next weekend and our physical bodies who are in constant change and are increasing its vibrational frequency need extra care, such as good amounts of pure water, exercise, stretching, and whatever we may feel guided to do. Take some moments for beautiful relaxation and rest, BE, feel, listen savor, and also enjoy moments in nature.

I AM honoring the expansion of me. I AM honoring the expansion of you. I AM celebrating my Mastery self. I AM celebrating your Mastery self. 
Within divine Love, divine peace, ease, grace, and Mastery. I AM, we are.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 12, 2015

Clearing and Programming Crystals, Living Highest Good, Trust and Faith

Beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a lovely day. Happy Friday! Today we had such a beautiful day, I got inspired by my friend to clear crystals in water outside, and then program them with frequency, but I wished to stay in the garden. What I simply did was to fill a glass tin with pure water, I placed some of the crystals, raw quartz and quartz pendants that I wished to clear in there. I let them BE for a while, then I took moments for each and every one to bless them and program through sound and touch with the Love I hold in my heart. 

Be creative, find solutions, if we wish to do something, find a way that works in the moment. Work with what is available right now, and open up to the Magic we hold and can create. This is how I have lived for a long time now. For example, last summer I sat on our balcony but in my heart I was in a garden, it was my sacred garden in every moment I spent there, and that's what I felt and saw it as. Now I can enjoy my inner sacred garden all around me too. I AM so very grateful for it. It was simply so that this timeline would support my highest good and my higher service. Because this is what I desire, and this is what I intend, to live my highest good and through this serve all of creation in it. Then I surrender and trust, no expectations. Full trust and faith.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and Mastery. I AM, we are. Playing as the Light in form. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 8, 2015

Self Mastery, Empowerment, Responsibility, and Allowance

Beloved hearts <3 We give everything meaning, only we ourselves give things meaning. We feel and choose how we see it, what it brings us, what it brings to All, what it represents and symbolize, what it can assist us in. This is merely my own view on it all, and I share only in the hopes to bring you even more REmembrance of your inner empowerment, which is the core reason and energy in all that I share. 

Everything is relative, so to me, the "truth" is that we are creating/"imagining"/manifesting/seeing/believing merely what we ourselves as Source are creating. We are all existing in our own dimension, one could say, there truly are endless ways and views. And I choose to embrace every moment and person as a dear assistant to my own Mastery REmembrance, just as I AM to All. We are co-creating and sharing divine wonder, miracles, expansion and beauty. Whatever we do, are, feel, think, and create in every moment is also for- and assists All.

There is no control in this, no need to expect anything from anyone or anything, no need to expect certain outcomes, because the openness, allowance and embrace of even more amazing things/experiences/outcomes/manifestations is what brings me in alignment with my highest good and the timelines supporting this. 
Enjoy the intention, take beautiful action by trusting your heart and Soul. 

Yes, all this brings us full responsibility for our lives, our surroundings and our circumstances, so it is about BEing brave and kind to ourselves. It does Not mean the "not so fun things" in our lives are "wrong" and a sign we are not doing "good" enough. Mastery is about embracing, not conditioning in Any way whatsoever. So Allow, embrace, give it Meaning, grow from it, thank it/them for what it/they brings to you.

All this may be applied to our state of living, as long as we are Safe and in no abusing environment, which means BEing safe and treated with respect emotionally and physically. There are No excuses in any whay for abusing situations, it is our birthright to claim our wellBEing through safety and respect, no matter what we may need to do to reach that in the moment. I do wish with all of my heart that all are able to find a place of safety.

May we enjoy, celebrate, create, and honor our own Master Self, our passions, our creative Magic, our beauty, our power, and our need for no control and no need to put conditions and expectations on ourselves, other people and the world. This opens up to timelines supporting our higher good according to highest authority. Mother Gaia is fine, she has always been and always will be, there is no time, we switch timelines, and are Now merging many timelines into One Here, which we may call the new unknown, the dawning of the new golden age on Gaia. How exiting to be able to experience, what an honor and privilege.

I AM celebrating the Master within me, and this celebrates the Master within you. I AM shining bright and standing tall in my Mastery, in the Light of God-Goddess Love expressed in form.
I AM, we are.

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in abundance.
Within divine Love, divine Light, and divine peace.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 2, 2015

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, beloved hearts <3
Wishing you all a wonderful full moon experience. Enjoy her beautiful bright energies of support in this present moment.

We are bringing forth and creating/manifesting/materializing so much new and as we shift, the full moon brings a beautiful shift in feeling too. REmember to embrace yourself, everyone, and everything and therefore be able to see and let go of what is not longer fully resonating with your heart and essence. So much is BEing REmembered, realized, and integrated, often in very unexpected ways. Stay open in heart and mind, trust and follow intuition and feelings. Embrace <3

There is a lot of inspiration, passion, and creativity felt, which can BE in many different areas and new ways of expression or such. 

Take moments now for some pure BEingness, stillness, relaxation and rest to reflect, stay grounded and feel clear.
May our beloved full moon bring us all even more Magic in our hearts. I AM burning these candles to celebrate the Mastery in us all. May these candles bring even more harmony to you, and may these lavender branches bring extra relaxation. I trimmed one of the lavender plants in the garden earlier today, and felt that they wished to spread their beauty to us all on this full moon celebration.

Wishing you all so much Love and Blessings in abundance. 
Within Mastery, divine Love, and divine harmony. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

June 1, 2015

Happy June

Happy June!, beloved hearts <3
As we shift into a new month, we are also shifting energetically with a big boom too. This last weeks Light increase, and intensity with activations and upgrades in combination with trust and openness has made us take huge jumps and move deeper into the magical unknown/merged timelines. This has been shown in the weather here with lots of clearing rains and winds this week too.

There are lots of multidimensional aspects coming forth from within us as we are unifying and feeling the merge within us. We have great support in this from all directions/within, and it feels as if this is something we are feeling even more now. The communications, exchanges and co-Creations with our companions here and our star families and aspects are felt and experienced deeper.

There is a sense of shedding off what is no longer important Now and a stepping into/birthing forth an expanded/new self. This is loud and clear as we look around us too, so much is/has changed and it shows and starts to show in our immediate surroundings too. 

Wishing you all a wonderful harmonious month of June. May it be filled with Blessings. Stay open in heart and mind, stay open for wonder, Magic, miracles and amazingness BEyond what we can imagine. We look for it, we feel it, we speak about it, we see it, we live it. This is how we co-Create a new reality. We set the belief and we give meaning to everything. Trust. Take a leap of faith, and go for what you feel in your heart! 
How do we know if it is the "right" thing to focus on? My only general advice is: If it makes you BE within bliss and joy and if you feel that you are living your true essence even more by engaging in something, it is exactly what you are to focus on in this moment and whenever you are able to express it in your own unique wonderful way.

I AM living and shining in my Mastery. I AM seeing and honoring your inner Mastery. I AM the God-Goddess Light playing in form, and so are you.
I AM, we are. 

Within divine Love, divine Light, and divine Harmony.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3