October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!, beloved ones <3 and lovely harmonious amazing Friday to you:) This day is also Celtic New Year. Halloween has its ancient Celtic roots in the Samhain festival. In Celtic Ireland about 2,000 years ago, this was the years division between the light summer and the dark winter. So this time is about endings/death, and also beginnings/birth, as when something ends it allows for something new to come in. I feel that this is so indeed, there's a powerful shift happening, a sort of re-set, and that which is still left of the old within us is being moved/triggered up to the surface to be released and let go of. The more aware, calm and conscious we are in in this and truly listen to our hearts/feelings/inner guidance- we are able to do amazing timeline shifts.

Wishing you a great day and weekend, enjoy every moment within deep presence and gratitude. Oh there truly is so much beauty, Magic, and miracles to be felt, embraced, experienced, witnessed, and Created.
Keep it light, keep it pure and simple. Let the inner child play, be amazed, and see true wonders all around us. <3 

Love You, have a Pinkalicious Halloween! <3

October 27, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 There is so much change happening within ourselves, physically, and around us Now, which will indeed increase. This intensity we are experiencing can bring up discomfort, stress, impatience, helplessness, confusion, etc. This is to be embraced and not be pushed away in any way. We do however benefit tremendously by moving into Gratefulness and Acceptance in this time of increasing change in All Ways. The New is constant change.

We are to listen to- and trust our hearts, and trust our experiences. Know that absolutely everything is occurring in our highest interest. Focus on the intentions, and have great anticipation. 

If there's feelings of being off balance in one way or another, and a desire to align again- We can move the consciousness to our Heart center, feel our infiniteness, inner peace, safety, and freedom. Remember that our feelings tell us everything we need to know about where we are in our alignment with our graceful, empowered, true self. The New truly is beyond amazing, magical, filled with miracles, contentment and unexpected things. Embrace it all and flow flow flow as the god/goddess that we are <3 

Wishing you a lovely new week:) Follow your Creative passions and make your Magic.

I Love You <3

October 23, 2014


Dear ones <3 I have really gotten into the flow of creating my paintings again, Love it so much! These are my latest ones. It was just such a joy to create my other art pieces so painting was not in my focus. That is how it is sometimes, our focus is needed on a new thing that we are integrating/bringing into our life, and when we have gotten into the flow of it, things balance out again, and we can handle all areas in a more balanced and flowing way. <3

Crystal Essence: Angel QuartzI dreamed that I found basketball sized clusters of Angel quartz. They were so beautiful and had such an amazing energy to them. They had a vibe of lightfulness, safety, happiness, freedom, and some playfulness, which comes from this quarts ability to create balance in all areas of our lives and help us in the embodiment of our higher self; from this we feel clarity and contentment, which bring us a sense of all the things I mentioned I felt from this quartz. It felt like the quartz wished to serve more beings with its wonderful vibration, so I made a painting to capture its essence. As You look at this, you may receive the quartz happy, playful, light and protective energy. And you may also receive a personal message from it. Look at the painting and feel what comes up. Our intuition/feelings are our greatest tool. More on my Art Blog

Crystal Essence: Love & Purity. I dreamed about a crystal that was in a beautiful magenta pink shade at the first half and then faded to fully clear at the bottom half. The crystal was fully see through, almost like glass, and had a wonderful vibration that I felt within me as I held it in my hands in the dream. This crystal was so wonderful, both in feeling and looks, and I feel it wants to serve and spread its energy to more beings, so I decided to paint and capture the essence of it, as much as I could in this painting. As You look at this, you may receive the crystals soft, powerful, loving, and pure energy. And you may also receive a personal message from it. Look at the painting and feel what comes up. Our intuition/feelings are our greatest tool. Read more on my Art Blog

A Chalice of Love and LightA chalice filled with Love and Light, emanating it out into the oneness. I used pink and turquoise; the colors of love and life. And the painting has both gold and silver, representing the Divine masculine and Divine feminine, dancing their eternal and infinite dance of love and life as One in perfect balance and harmony. The nature of polarity is the principle of Creation.
Read more on my Art Blog



Happy Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, Beloved hearts <3 Solar eclipses are indeed very powerful New Moons. Our awareness increases, and our lives may feel as if they are taking on a whole new faster speed around eclipses. The energy of them supports and may certainly bring endings and also beginnings in our lives in some way, as many possibilities and opportunities come with them. This is so because their energy supports us in breaking old patterns and this makes us do profound changes in our lives. This particular New Moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle, and the eclipse is the beginning of a new eclipse cycle.

This eclipse is very much about us moving even more into our heart space and pure Love. The more centered we are there, and the more we live from there- the more clear, peaceful, free, safe, and empowered we feel. We are to fully embrace and Love All of our parts and aspects, this leads to inner empowerment, and we are then in our power as a co-creator BEing. This is to be done regardless of circumstances and other people, this is our own inner full acceptance, patience and Love for ourselves, and through this, we can also feel the same for others. 

A beautiful little exercise you can do that supports you into living more from the heart space is to sit/lie comfortably. If you so feel, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Move your awareness down into your heart center, and feel how you are now in the center of your heart space- fully safe, fully loved, and infinite. As you dwell there, see and feel yourself BEing fully balanced, calm, clear, and grounded, in deep presence. You can also imagine a beautiful yin-yang symbol or a vesica piscis symbol in your heart space, bringing balance, wholeness and peace.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon/Solar Eclipse, enjoy these powerful energies. So much Love, Blessings and miracles to you.

I Love You <3

October 22, 2014


Beloved hearts <3 I and some of my dear friends are feeling and experiencing changes in our womb areas at the moment. There's clearings, releases, and changes in the womb and ovaries that are to be gone through. The DNA in the womb, ovaries and whole pelvic bowl area is to be re-set/activated. 

For women, there are many changes and releases in the womb that must be gone through to be able to BEcome the new human that has a fully healed divine feminine-masculine energy within, which also means in the physical body. The Divine Feminine is returning fully to the planet by us opening up our heart centers (both men and women). And humans also got to release the old (relationships) that no longer serves our highest good, to be able to embrace the new and balanced way of Union. With fully balanced, and harmonious Unions will come pure bliss, euphoria and ecstasy, which with its powerful energy will affect and balance all life on the planet (and therefor affect the whole cosmos too). 

The feminine (Love) is the one who takes care/nurtures the masculines (mind) seed/idea, and then gives birth to it. So the feminine bodies Sacred womb and sacral area is a powerful key piece in all this indeed. The masculine and feminine are returning to a state here where complete and perfect Union is possible. To work side by side, in balance and harmony, enhancing each other. Dancing the dance of Love and Life as One once again on Beloved Gaia.

A beautiful and beneficial thing to do in these times of immense changes/activations is to place your hands on the womb/sacral area and send from your heart through your hands; golden Light to nurture and heal. See how the whole pelvic bowl area is being filled and also surrounded with golden Light. Embrace, honor and fully Love this area. You can also use crystals. Hold them to your womb area or simply hold them in your hands as you meditate. Go with your intuition and feel which crystals that will assist you beautifully in this.

I Love You <3

October 21, 2014


Dear ones <3 I Love flowers, and have always enjoyed surrounding myself with them. Even as a kid I adored gardening and taking care of plants and crops. At the moment I live in an apartment so I can not do gardening outdoors, but I do what I can indoors, until I have my cottage with garden;)
My neighbor had this absolutely gorgeous magenta pink geranium, of course I got all exited and just.. aaahhh, gotta have that flower!! ;P so I got a branch from it so I can grow my own plant <3 There is so much flower Magic in the air here, lol, I even found a little plant when I was out walking!

This is the flower from the geranium I got, I cut the flower off from the branch, so that it wold not take the nutrition from it. Oh such a beautiful color! <3

All you have to do is cut off a branch, put it in water and place in a window, have it there until it develops roots. Then plant it in a pot. Just remember to remove leaves that are under the water surface, and remove flowers/buds if there are any.

Yesterday when I was out walking I found this flower that someone had placed outside for the winter to die. So I brought it home with me, I felt it had such a wonderful vibration and would fit in nicely in my home:) It has a beautiful bright pink shade on its little flowers.

Oh!, and lastly I AM happy to announce that my Christmas cactus has developed new buds. These are also called November cactus, so it seems as if this little One wish to bloom right on time, lol;)
The flowers on this one are white with a pink core, so pretty. I have another one too, that has pink flowers. Something you can do to make these extra happy is to place them outside for the summer, my grandparents have theirs on their patio in the summers and the cactus Loves it so much;)

It is beautiful how we can enjoy, work, serve and expand together with Mother Natures flowers and plants, if we so feel guided. They have lots to bring us, and we to them.
Wishing you a lovely present moment, enjoy your inner and outer Magic, listen to your heart, listen to the flowers;) and stay true to yourself. Love You <3

October 20, 2014


Hi there, hope you are having a lovely day <3 I feel that it is so very beneficial for us Now to not be attached to a specific idea, outcome, belief, expectation or such in any way. Not cling to the old, no matter what, it will only slow us down and create more discomfort and confusion if we do. Our greatest tool is our feelings, we can ask ourselves; does this feel good or not?, does this bring upliftment or not?, and then think/speak/do/take guided action and align ourselves with whatever we feel is in harmony with our hearts. The New Now means constant change. We can never go back to how it was or what we may have perceived as normal/our path in the past, this means even yesterday or an hour ago. Everything we experience, see, and hear (no good or bad) is for our own expansion, leveling up in vibration and tapping into the consciousness of One. There is one consciousness, it is pure physics.

To be well with change is truly the key to flowing more easily in the Now. We are now BEcoming our true selves, within these physical vehicles, and this may be called the new humans. We are bringing fourth (remembering) abilities, knowledge, skills, and wisdom from our Souls and multidimensional aspects. So many years ahead will be constant change, as change is the New. We are no longer "stuck" on a certain level of frequency, but rather we are now constantly expanding and stepping up in frequency. This naturally means that change will come with it. So we just got to stay open, relaxed, conscious, and embracing of what wants to come fourth in every New Now moment. 

Enjoy within the beauty of neutrality of pure true Love, and savor every moment in this amazing time here on Beloved Gaia and in the whole Universe.

I Love You <3


This is a raw, vegan cherry pie that I made last week. It turned out absolutely heavenly delicious! Wow! ;P It is so very simple and easy to make. <3

Heavenly Raw Cherry Cream Pie

All you have to do is make your favorite base. 

A simple and yummy Base

12 dates 
2 dl (4/5 cup) nut meal (I often use cashews)
2 tbsp carob powder
a pinch of pink Himalayan salt
1 tbsp liquid if needed (almond, rice- or coconut milk/ coconut water)

Mix all the ingredients together in a food processor until smooth.


1 can coconut milk
honey (or whatever sweetener you prefer)

Whisk the white opaque stuff that has gathered at the top of the coconut milk can so that it feels like whipped cream, stir in cherries and honey. 

Press out the base mixture in a pie form, add the cream on top. 

Enjoy <3

October 15, 2014


Beloved Family of Light <3 In this period since the full blood moon eclipse we are receiving energy influxes that can truly shake up everything, and trigger significant change in one way or another, depending on our journey and what is for our own higher good in this now. 

We are BEcoming aware and embodying our multidimensional aspects/BEing as One in the New Now (old timelines are being wiped away, in a way, as we bring it all into the Now). And we are activating our Light body self more and more. Another layer is BEing peeled off, old beliefs, egoic ideas/desires, habits, convictions, and projections that we have built our foundations upon are BEing released so that we are ready for another chapter and simply have room for something New. As we go through the processes of release/death and rebirth, we may have beautiful breakthroughs. 
All this is a choice of course, it is something we do consciously, as we have free will to not embrace the new and keep our focus on the old. Let's honor our right to choose. And let's have respect and unattached compassion for All, as all are on their own unique journey of ever BEcoming in a pace that is perfect for them. Honor our differences and uniquenesses. We all have a unique role in this oneness. <3

We will have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23, which will stir up and shake up things yet again, as our foundation is built upon old beliefs, which I feel many are realizing in this eclipse season. Remember that we have the ability to choose, we can choose to BE within Love and Light, if we so feel, and take the road of least resistance. BEing within Love and Light has nothing to do with always being happy and shining our brightest, it simply means that we go through every now moment with an open heart and mind, and are not attached to the old.  

Let go, stay open, calm, grounded, and present, loves, enjoy and savor every moment in this period. I AM feeling that it is important to BE in our sacred space/core (Bubble of Love) and live and interact with others from there. This has nothing to do with cutting ourselves off from others/not being social, or has to do with our circumstances, and it has nothing to do with pleasing others or accept behaviors/people that is not uplifting (nothing "wrong" with not being uplifting, but we all have at least the right to release something/someone that is not, if we so feel it is right for us). It's about embracing it all, and at the same time know/feel what we allow in our own lives, Balance.

Wishing you a beautiful present moment:)
I Love You <3

October 14, 2014


Beloved ones <3 This is how I feel perfection. We truly are "perfect" in this Now. But as long as we are seeing imperfections we will simply never fully feel true contentment and freedom in every moment. Because if we do not truly feel that we are perfect- we will sort of always feel a need for "more" (our actions and lives show us if we strive for "more" or if we truly feel happy and content just the way it is and don't "search", wether it is searching within ourselves or in the "external" such as people or experiences). It is of course natural that we have a desire to BE our highest potential/"best", it is so simply because we all have that deep inner knowing that we are perfect of course, because we can only wish/strive/want something that we already have within. What many seem to perceive as perfection though, really has nothing whatsoever to do with it, such as our physical appearance, what we do or what we Create. Who is to say what perfection truly is?, what is "right"/"best"/most important is as varying as there are Sparks of individualized aspects of source energy, which is what we are, infinitely. 

Perfection is fully loving ourselves just as we are right Now. No rush, no pressure, no hurry etc. Just Love the self and all its parts and aspects, as the perfect expression of the One/Source that we are in truth at all times. Remember, this is not even about the way we Love. No. This does not require any sort of practice or evidence in any way whatsoever.
Remember, this pure contentment does not mean that we will not learn "new" things, and expand in this physical vehicle, it's in fact the opposite. As we get into pure contentment and true flow, we open up and get receptive to so much more Magic, miracles and whatever that is for our higher good at the moment on our journey.

Infinite powerful Creator BEings. Existing and Creating for the enjoyment of it. Follow your True Hearts passions/desires.

I Love You <3

October 13, 2014


Hi there, bright hearts, happy Monday to You <3 
This past week and especially this weekend have brought so much new, truly wonderful it is. I have been processing a lot of things, in so many areas, and I felt/feel a big shift. Everything feels clearer and clearer in a way, it may be a bit overwhelming as we expand, get revelations, see things clearer/more consciously, and also embody our multidimensional aspects. So the important thing in this is to stay open and without expectations, stay centered in our core, in our hearts, then combine it with our higher mind, and stay deeply grounded <3 

Enjoy this time which is bringing us SO many opportunities, it's truly amazing, savor every moment, stay centered in the core no matter what goes on around you and/or in the world/collective. This is what we all have the opportunity to do, Master BEing in our Love, and fully know and feel that it truly does not need any sort of practice or evidence. In truth, it's so very simple.

Wishing you all a wonderful new week, loves. May it bring you lots of blessings and miracles. 

I Love You <3

October 8, 2014


Happy total lunar Eclipse, Beloved hearts <3 These upcoming weeks will bring many of us profound expansion, transformation,shifts, and downloads, death and rebirth. We are to stay deeply grounded into Mother Gaia and stay centered in our Core/hearts. This most powerful blood moon is about liberation, and the grand fire trine that is going on is bringing healing, so freedom is what it brings us if we so allow. Freedom so that we can move forward beautifully and in this stay true to our Self. So I will simply share with You, loves, how I feel freedom, how our freedom- and work we do within it uplifts, my take on it. 

We are here to help each other, within Love, if we so choose, we are just to remember that it is not the same as having a responsibility to make people feel loved, good, happy, satisfied, free, approved etc. That is something we all are to find Within us, no matter the circumstances. That is what we are here to remember/learn. We help each other by following whatever way we feel is our path, simply follow our passions, which when coming from our true heart, always also serves others in one way or another <3 This, we are to combine with enjoyment and fun and laughter, as this is just as important as the other, this uplifts the oneness, it doesn't uplift the Self or others, no separation, it uplifts the ONE. One life. Life is meant to be as enjoyable as in whatever other dimension we feel is fully enjoyable. We are to anchor it Here and Now, for all who wishes to tap into it. So this means that we are never truly meant to push ourselves and feel so stressed that we can't enjoy life, which is more than common on our planet. This human life is not meant to be uneasy, hard, make us suffer in any way. It's only difficult if we allow it to be. And our respond to any challenge or circumstance completely determines the outcome. It's about us responding rather than reacting. "Free will" determines the outcome, no exceptions (in our lives, in astrology, in everything). 

The challenges and "negative" emotions we experience in this reality is simply tests for us and not meant to bring us out of alignment, rather we have the option at all times to stay in our Core. There's simply nowhere we are to "go" or become, we already Are, and Home is exactly here and now of course, always within us. We are meant to enjoy, in whatever way we might feel that is. Simply no right or wrong way, no good or bad. The roads are as many as there are individualized sparks of the one. It's about following our own truth, our feelings, our inner knowing. Balance is truly everything here, so that is to be our priority if we desire to BE in our highest potential in the Now. The thing we must ask ourselves is, what can we do different?, if we wish something "new", and it hasn't come about, it simply means that we got to change something, it can't come about through how we are used to do things, balance is key. No excuses, no blaming on circumstances/people or having beliefs about timing. We are Creator BEings in the Now.
There is simply One Consciousness, consciousness is physics, and has nothing to do with quantity, time, place etc. 

So soar high!, savor every moment, enjoy life and all it's tasks. Know that the challenges are only meant to help us expand and spread our wings, not bring us out of alignment/balance. Enjoy You and Trust yourself, your feelings, and your experiences. 

Have a happy Full Moon, dear sisters and brothers, stay Grounded and Grateful <3 I AM grateful for You All and for BEing exactly where I AM.

I Love You <3

October 1, 2014


This is a yummy and easy raw, vegan chocolate cake with fall spices, topped with chocolate "cream". I just adore fall/Christmas spices and this cake has that cozyness to it;)

Amazing Raw, Vegan Fall Chocolate Cake


9 dates
3 figs (or just use around 12 dates and no figs)
2 tbsp carob powder (or use raw cacao)
4/5 cup/2 dl cashews
1 tsp cinnamon 
1/3 tsp ground cloves
1/3 tsp ground ginger 
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp of liquid, I used coconut milk. You can also use almond or rice milk, or coconut water.
a dash of pink Himalayan salt 


1 can coconut milk (Carefully spoon out the top layer of opaque white stuff that has gathered at the top of the can)
1 pinch cinnamon 
1 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tsp raw cacao 
a dash of vanilla


Process the cashews in a food processor until a course meal is formed.
Add the rest of the ingredients. 
Mix until it becomes a smooth paste.


Spoon out the top layer of opaque white coconut milk that has gathered at the top of the can. Add the thick milk and the other ingredients into a bowl and whisk it until it looks like whipped cream.

Press out the base mixture on a cake platter. Add the cream on top. Drizzle on some cinnamon, and decor with whatever You prefer, I used dried cocoa beans. Enjoy <3